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Business folks agree that the China market is vast and unlimited. Now we would like to share a story:


      The company Elppa is planning a big bang start in the China market, with a stunningly innovative product which blows the existing players miles away. Its directors and presidents are particularly excited as they are going to ink an agreement with a local distributor which undertakes to sell the new product in full gear.

But something goes wrong. It is uncovered that the distributor is actually a “thief” with numerous records of intellectual property infringements. While the contracted entity is selling authentic products, its sister entity is selling the counterfeits days before the official launch, at a quarter of the price. The employee who recommended the distributor is found to be nephew of the distributor’s owner. And the worst part is: that owner was once engaged in a kick-back scandal. He and his business are prohibited from dealing with public institutes in most part of China . . .       

Well, it is a fictional story. Our statistics does show that over 95 percent of local companies are clean and trustworthy. Nonetheless, to secure sustainable success, and stay away from the muddy water, it is essential for every corporate doing business in China to address the compliance issues originated from itself or its business partners. Orient Investigation® is here to answer to your compliance and due diligence needs in China. 

We are offering: 

  Investigation services, with focus on intellectual property protection     

  Due diligence and advisory                                                          

  Employee screening                              

  Industry-specific education                                              

Learn more about Orient Investigation®     



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